Solahart MPi Series Heat Pumps provide energy efficient heating.

MPi Series Heat Pumps provide energy efficient heating with a front-of-tank mounted compressor.

The new MPi Series II Heat Pump utilises the latest environmental heating technology to efficiently heat water. Free, renewable heat energy is absorbed and processed through a refrigeration system, resulting in hot water using a third of the energy of an electric water heater. These are similar savings to a solar water heater, but without needing panels mounted on your roof.

Heat pump from Solahart

Family size

Mains pressure

325L Capacity

Trusted Warranty

Key Features

Heat pumps work day and night, as they don’t rely on sunlight to operate. They operate with similar efficiency to traditional electric boosted solar systems. They’re frost protected and offer a back-up element as standard, delivering hot water, even on the coldest winter nights!

  • Multi-pass heating – Heats the water ‘isothermally’ by passing the water through the heat exchanger multiple times
  • Constant recovery – Minimises energy use by heating at a ‘constant’, optimised rate
  • Energy efficient – Cuts energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • No Solar Panels – No structural load on your roof and looks better too
  • Back-up element – Provides hot water regardless of the weather
  • Whisper technology enables quieter operation
  • LED Display – Enables you to easily check the operating status of the water heater
  • 50ºC pre-tempered models also available
  • Eligible for Government rebates and incentives



The following warranty applies to the MPi series. 5 year cylinder warranty, 3 year labour on cylinder, 2 year on sealed systems including labour, 1 year on all other parts and labour. Applies to domestic installations only. Please contact our team for further information.

Infographic on how a heat pump operates

The MPi Series is eligible for Government rebates and incentives. Our team will be happy to help you with these.

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